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LBM logic-based medicine Sàrl 


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Our team


Founder of LBM logic-based medicine sàrl

Dr. Schwitzguébel is the instigator of LBM logic-based medicine sàrl, as well as the designer of the DIAANA application. He has an FMH in sports medicine, as well as an FMH in physical medicine and rehabilitation. His medical practice is located in the Providence Hospital in Neuchatel where he works at 50%. He continues to practice as clinic leader at the CHUV (Vaud University Hospital Center) in which he tries to best help patients classified as "desperate cases" (among other fibromyalgia, etc.).

Poster geek Tasse

Morand Antoine

IT Manager

Mr. Morand is the IT Manager of LBM logic-based medicine sàrl.


Graduate of EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), and after having been a computer science teacher in high school, he decided to stop his activity to devote himself to the society. He participates in conceptualization and coding of the DIAANA application.


He also holds a master's degree in law and is a real asset to society.

image baudoin.jpg

Hand development support

Dr. Baudoin has been awarded the Swiss FMH specialist title of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon for four years.


During these years in the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery of the CHUV. He has also worked in the Great Burns Center in Switzerland, and in particular on hand surgery.


Extrovert, and always optimistic, Dr. Baudoin is a springboard for the LBM locic-based medicine sàrl team.

image colibri.JPG


Graduate in education sciences, Ms. Schwitzguébel has perfected in the patient-doctor relationship.


Ms. Schwitzguébel, is an asset for the implementation of the application, as well as for all administrative procedures.


She also participated in the idea and development of this application. His favorite motto is from a well-known Native American legend: "Hummingbird, you're not crazy, it's not with those drops of water that you'll put out the fire!" And the hummingbird said, "I know it, but I'm doing my part."